Photo of David Lange
David E. Lange
Ph.D., M.S.T.

(book cover photo)

David has 63 years of family experience.  He and Linda - married 38 years - assist his parents, 88 and 87, in New Braunfels, Texas. Their children - Peter and Lisa Joy - live and work in Austin and Seattle with their loved ones.

Photo of Lange Family

The Lange Family Celebrates David's Parents'
60th Anniversary in 1997

David has more than 50 overlapping years of professional experience with families:
  • 22 as a Lutheran campus minister
  • 15 as a private-practice psychologist
  • 15 as a family business consultant
In 1990 David authored As I Have Love You:  Toward Intimacy with Integrity, a fresh glimpse into the social behaviors of Jesus, who redefines family and business affairs with spirit.

David has worked with more than 50 business families east of the Mississippi River and in the Southwest, installing effective communication systems and facilitating next-generation transitions.

Collaborating with family business advisors, David has delivered presentations at the Family Firm Institute, Family Business Forums, national and state bar associations, commercial banks, financial planning and accounting groups.

At 23 and in seminary, David co-entrepreneured a European coffee house in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  During 1965-69, he organized a Lutheran congregation in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and then served as a campus pastor at LSU-Baton Rouge for 18 years.  After a fifteen-year, full-time practice of consulting and clinical psychology, David channeled his energies entirely into family businesses and incorporated Lange Consulting, L.L.C. in 1995.

David knows the challenges of family business first-hand.   In 1990 wife Linda and son Peter opened a bookstore in San Antonio on the day Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.  A flattening economy and the rise of mega-volume/discount stores thwarted two years of diligent efforts.   Linda currently designs and maintains web sites as the “WebWeaverWoman.”

After 35 years in south Louisiana and western North Carolina, David and Linda returned to New Braunfels, his Texas home.

Professional Development

1995-   Lange Consulting, L.L.C. (FamilyWorks Resources)
1983-1995   Consulting Psychologist, Lange-Wood Associates
1990-1995   Clinical Supervisor, Life Resources Pastoral Counseling Center
1987-1999   Director and Family Business Consultant, The Le Van Company
1980-1995   Consultant, Presbytery of South Louisiana
1975-1996   Business Consultant, Timmons and Associates
1992   Consultant, Louisiana Rural Health Association
1976-1980   Consultant, Perkins School of Theology, SMU
1976-1977   Consultant, Louisiana Department of Corrections
1969-1987   Lutheran Campus Pastor, Louisiana State University
1965-1969   Lutheran Mission Developer, Natchitoches, Louisiana

Professional Service

1979-1980   President, Lutheran Campus Ministry Association
  Coordinator, National Endowment for Humanities Grants,
Baton Rouge Humanities Group
1990-1995   Clinical Supervisor, Life Resources Pastoral Counseling Center
1970-1972   Chaplain, Lutheran Pastoral Continuing Education Project

Education and Degrees

1975-1980   Ph.D., M.A., Clinical and Social Psychology, LSU-Baton Rouge
1960-1965   S.T.M., M.Div., Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis, Missouri
1958-1960   B.A., Concordia Senior College, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    (List of publications available on request)
1990   As I Have Loved You:  Toward Intimacy with Integrity
Christopher Publishing House


    Born October 21, 1938, Wilson, Texas
    Married Linda Fair June 12, 1964, Ponca City, Oklahoma
    Two adult children:  Peter Fair and Lisa Joy