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What Is a Family-Business Council?

It's putting your business puzzle together around the family table.

Hayden Table    

You tend to business as you learn to

communicate respectfully
negotiate more effectively
develop accountability
build trust and confidence
accomplish common goals
appreciate a co-operative process

Each participating member gets a voice.
Everyone gets to be heard.
Every contribution will be considered.
Discover individual dreams and shared hopes.
Clarify family values.
Define fairness.
Create a best-fit picture for the family/business future.
Give your best - speak your own truth with your own voice.
Listen proactively.
Discuss, disagree, debate, deliberate, and decide with honor.
Any business matter that impacts members of the family.
Any family matter that impacts the business.

"Negotiate effectively to work together successfully."

Questions Best Answered by
Family-Business Councils

* Wood Sculpture by Frank Hayden (1934-1988)