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4-Planning Inventory

We can't foreknow the future, but we can get ready
with what we do know.
  1. Companies thrive with clear business planning.
  2. Owners succeed with informed personal planning.
  3. Families support family plans they help create.
  4. Family businesses endure by negotiating succession plans.
Where is your business family in your 4-Planning  process?

to start  
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1.   Company Planning
2.   Owner Planning
3.   Family Planning
4.   Succession Planning

Questions You May Want to Answer
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  1. How does our family share its vision for the business?

  2. Does our family meet regularly to discuss both business and family matters?
     Yes    No

  3. How do we decide what's best for the business and the family?

  4. What future resources can our business count on from our family?

  5. Do we have contingency plans in case something bad happens to key people?
     Yes    No

  6. What transitions will our family business need to face?

  7. Are we currently negotiating our family business transitions successfully?
     Yes    No

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