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We support that which we help create . . .

Getting Started


1-Person Image At no charge and with no obligation or solicitation,
you may
  • complete the 4-Planning Inventory  with answer boxes for yourself

  • submit your Inventory answers to us for our feedback

  • email other concerns, questions or comments to davidlange@familyworkswell.com

  • request a complimentary copy of As I Have Loved You:  Toward Intimacy with Integrity by David E. Lange, Ph.D.

  • request references of former clients

  • call 830.625.1956 for a personal contact

  • invite a visit and "chemistry test"

1-Person Image We have described the functions of a Family-Business Council  and the trust-building principles by which it will operate.
To tailor our work to fit your unique family system, we will need your help
  • constructing a three-generation family genogram

  • learning your business history

  • understanding the challenges for your business family

  • discovering family dynamics that impede effective planning and negotiation

  • and clarifying your goals

1-Person Image Our best way to get started is with a weekend family retreat ideally including all adult family members and their spouses at a comfortable place.
Friday usually entails interviewing, inventories, a business family meeting and dinner.
Saturday is devoted to installing a trust-building communication system and forming a council.
Sunday the Family-Business Council  begins charting its course.
We arrange your retreat with you to accommodate your business family's needs.

Successful business family transitions usually require 18 months.  For effective follow-through, we recommend a one-year contract to launch your Family-Business Council.

1-Person Image Cost, of course, is a critical question.
How do you value an ounce of prevention or a pound of cure?

Unanticipated crises and litigations can cost fortunes.

Lange Consulting, LLC  fees are
$3,000 per day (plus expenses) and
$500 per month for the "follow-through" contract.

We commit our best energies to your business family's best collaborative efforts.

Family businesses remain the foundation of our global future.

Contact us when you are ready.

  * Wood Sculpture by Frank Hayden (1934-1988)

More people than I can name have contributed to the quality of this approach --

my friend and mentor Dr. E. O. Timmons (1928-2002)
Dr. "Gig" Costelloe, Gerald Le Van, Dr. Jack Testerman
courageous clients
and members of
The Harvard Negotiation Project
The Taos Institute
The Georgetown Family Center