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Working Well Together

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"The business family that works well together
negotiates differences effectively."

Your business family (no matter what it looks like) works well when you
  • discover your untapped resources
  • puzzle and plan your family map
  • learn to negotiate your differences
We "jump-start" the process of
  • careful inquiry
  • deliberate planning
  • successful transitions
by installing
  • your family-business council
  • your effective communication system
  • your transition follow-through
With you, we explore your


We ask key questions so that you will discover your most energizing answers.

Emotional Intelligence

We assess and build skills in this critical factor for business and interpersonal success.
Ask about our wide array of assessment/feedback inventories.

Personal/People Decisions

We offer ways and means for those "too-close-to-home" matters you can't delegate.

Work-Love-Money Mediations

Negotiating with difficult people? . . . Raising rich kids? . . . Anticipating litigation?
We help you get through "when bad things happen" with good people.

Next-Generation Coaching

"Listen-up-Leadership" is an exciting and effective management specialty
for younger members of your family and business.

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